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TurboGames is a popular casual games brand owned by GFI company, one of the leading Russian developers and publishers of the computer games and multimedia products on the territory of Russia and ex-USSR countries.


Now TurboGames is the retail sales leader of casual games. We cooperate with major federal trading networks such as Media Markt, Auchan, HitZona, Soyuz and other stores. We localize and publish casual games and distribute them through more than 2500 shops, on the premium eye-level shelves, in Russia and CIS cities. Since 2007, dozens of projects from the Russian developers and hundreds of localizations have been released under the TurboGames brand. Over 3 millions copies of TurboGames’ projects were sold by the end of September, 2010. Almost 90% of these projects, according to statistics of the leading Russian retail networks, are always among the top-sellers. When customers want to purchase a game, they confidently give their preference to our projects. Russian casual gamers choose the bright and distinct design of DVD covers and high quality of all projects of the TurboGames brand.

Please, visit auto translated into English www.turbogames.ru. Here you can check out our Turbogames catalogue for Russian Speaking market.

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To buy game: sales@gfi.su

To sell game: acquisitions@gfi.su

Tel.: +7 495 660 5751

Fax: +7 495 660 5752


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